Timber Crib Walls

timber-crib-1Timber Crib is a gravity retaining wall system that consists of a cellular framework of interlocking treated timbers, which are filled with a free draining rock or recycled stone.

Timber crib walling is sourced from sustainable, managed plantations and treated to provide a combined architectural/engineering solution that is durable, adaptable and aesthetically pleasing.

The wall is built on a concrete levelling strip, raked at 1:4 to form a 14° back lean.

Benefits of Timber Crib

  • Has a natural soft finished appearance that blends into the surrounding environment
  • Environmentally sustainable, with the timber sourced from managed plantations to guarantee timber quality
  • A flexible system that can accommodate curves, corners, stairs and terraces
  • Allows full utilisation of sloping sites, maximising useable space
  • Quick to construct
  • Durable, with very little maintenance requirements

Where to use Timber Crib

  • Projects where a natural finished appearance is required
  • As a facing to soil nailed or anchored slopes or other retaining walls
  • Environmental and acoustic bunds
  • To maximise space for housing or commercial developments
  • Landscape features